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Top » Catalog » Heli Parts » T-REX 450 3rd-Party/Upgrade » T-REX 450 PRO 3rd-Party/Upgrad » 450 PRO Main Frame Set for 260MG [USTL2645]
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Product Details
450 PRO Main Frame Set for 260MG [USTL2645]
US$19.99 US$17.08

Use for Align or TAROT 450 Pro series to upgrade larger servos.


  • Upgrade Main Frame x 2
  • Metal Servo Mount x 6
  • CF Washer x 4
  • Linkage rod  27mm x 1 
  • Linkage rod 19mm x 1
  • Linkage rod 13mm x 1
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 November, 2010.
US$19.99 US$17.08
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