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JUMPER 218 Installation Instructions

Jumper 218 PNF FPV mini Quad-copter [jumper218] Jumper 218 PNF FPV mini Quad-copter [jumper218] US$300.00  US$189.00Buy Now

From the factory all the electrical connection has been set up and completed, also it has been tested, end user simply has to do mechanical mounting.
Please refer to the following picture:
Connect to the Receiver by:
CH5: Flight MODE (default ANGLE Mode, no using)
CH6: Gimbal up/down
Note: The color of port doesn’t mean anything; the red is not necessarily (+), and the black is not necessarily (-). Please connect the wires according to the chart above.
Setting up video transmitter:
Tips for settings (not via computer):
Tip1: Adjust your transmitter end point from the original 100% to 120%.
Explanation: The lowest signal flight controller can receive is 1095, median is 1500, and the highest at 1950. This may differ from each different transmitter manufactures, so we directly increase 20% to ensure that the control signal will exceed 1095-1500. If your signal is not more then it will cause it to not start.
In my Futaba T12FGH, for example, I need to adjust it to 110% then I am able to smoothly start the motor.
Tip2: reconfirm your CH1-CH4 and your receiver is connected correctly.
Tip3: Try arming the motor while it is without any propellers.
If you can not successfully start the motor, then the only possibility is that you need to set CH3 & CH4 to reverse in the transmitter. This time try the left joystick in all four directions. If you’re able to successfully start the motor, then set CH3 or CH4 in accordance with the direction in reverse.
Tip4: After installing the propellers, start the motor. Carefully hold the aircraft in hand, gently push the control stick to the right. Confirm that the aircraft is moving in the same direction. If not, please enter the transmitter control to set CH1 or CH2 to reverse.
In my Futaba T12FGH for example, Ch2 and Ch3 need Reverse.
Tip5: before the first flight, you can calibrate according with the following picture.

If you still can’t succeed in the manner described above, please follow the instructions below. (Requires connection to computer)
Follow these steps:1.       Connect the flight controller to computer, install USB driver (CH340), usually the computer will automatically install, in case it doesn’t start automatically. Please manually search for "CH340" to install the driver; Tips: Check your computer port if CH340 is working properly after installation.
Driver Download:CH341SER.EXE
    This controller is using NAZE32 6DOF, you can use the following two softwares.
    • Multiwiii
    Please download the latest software
    Install JAVA before installing
    • Baseflight
    Download the instructions: Acro Naze32 Basic Guide

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