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Unboxing Micro beast PLUS

BEASTX MICROBEAST PLUS Flybarless System[BXM76400] BEASTX MICROBEAST PLUS Flybarless System[BXM76400] US$196.00 Buy Now

What’s new about Micro beast PLUS? Let’s see!
6-axis MEMS sensor 
The PLUS version is equipped with the latest 6-axis MEMS sensor (Gyro + Accelerometer), for more precise computing and processing. The new sensor brings a huge progress of vibration damping and solves the possible unbalance of the previous sensor. Furthermore, the downer cover is made from reinforced plastic instead of aluminum alloy, thus the weight is 11G only – 9G lighter than previous version.      
Multiple receivers compatible
Beside traditional receiver and Futaba S. BUS receiver, Micro beast PLUS is also compatible with S.BUS2 and JR X.BUS system (need to select SRXL mode). To connect DSMX and DSM2 antenna receiver, pilots need to use the adapter cable. 
Microbeast PLUS and Microbeast PLUS HD 
The HD version is with built-in power port and power switch, pilot can connect 2S lipo battery with gyro for heavy duty power supply. There are 2 pins connecting to the power switch (circuit breaker design) to prevent loose contacts. Power can be activated and remain operational even if the switch is disconnected by accident. 


Let’s unbox Microbeast PLUS!

The package size is same, with different outer box.

The serial number and specifications are attached on outer box. Please save the serial number well for warranty purpose. 

The firmware version of the Microbeast PLUS is 3.1.3. The last firmware version of Microbeast was 3.1.2.; the setups are all same.

Remove the outer box.

Open the package, here is the Microbeast PLUS.

Take the Microbeast PLUS out. It is really lighter; the size is same as Microbeast. The appearances are quite similar, except for the sticker and the plastic cover.

Adjust the Microbeast PLUS with one button, three knobs, and fifteen LED lights. Pilot can also adjust through StudioX adjustment software (USB2SYS or USB2SIM required)

Although the weight is lighter, the anti-vibration of 6-axis sensor still performs well. It won’t be affected by the vibration of helicopter.  

A port is newly added to the side. It’s for expansion and connection to other accessories: engine governor sensor, brushless motor RPM sensor, and other possible accessories in the future. Pilot needs to activate the governor function through StudioX software. 

The accessories pack: three cables (60 core), 3M adhesive pads, and BeastX adjustment tool

The instruction manual is V3, same as previous version; because current function is the same. The latest manual will be updated online for any upgrade.

There is a StudioX instruction. (USB2SYS or USB2SIM required)

There is a thank you note for customers. For news and product support, please refer to official beastx website.

There is a correction note, pointing out that there is a wrong statement on V3.0.3 manual.

There is a sticker with BeastX LOGO.


It’s clearly that the bigger differences are the 6-axis MEMS sensor and the expansion port of the Microbeast PLUS. In the future, there will be auto-level function. The UAV will turn to level automatically under emergency condition, which is convenient for beginners.  
Microbeast flybarless gyro system is very easy to set up. Microbeast PLUS is the advanced version with the 6-axis MEMS sensor and multiple expansion function in the future. Let’s look forward to it!

Article Resource: RC Mania

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