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UAV DIY for beginners Part. 10: Auto Stabilizer Gimbal

Aerial Photography contains two systems: stabilizer gimbal and wireless AV transmission.

Actually, APM supports auto stabilizer gimbal. Please refer to relative webpage: 
There are three gimbal mentioned in APM webpage
1. Servo based gimbal
Controller by RC servo, which is adaptable to big sized cameras and less-effected by C.G.. But the response speed is slow, and there’s noise during operation. Since so-called brushless gimbal came out, there is less servo based gimbals.

2. Tarot 2-axis brushless gimbal
Specific designed for GO PRO camera, with easy assembly and low price. (It’s available on our website now!) It is calibrated by the manufacturer. After connecting to power, user can use the gimbal without any adjustment. If user had followed the series of articles, there are two available channels of transmitter for gimbals.

3. VRGimbal 3-axis brushless gimbal
The author is not familiar with this gimbal. The VRGimbal seems from open source project.
History of Brushless Gimbal
First of all, APM is able to control RC servo. The auto navigation system would have to calculate the attitude of UAV. With the attitude data, add two or three servos to compensate the attitude of UAV, and it will be an auto stabilizer gimbal. The function is – the sight of camera would be very stable - no matter the UAV is flying, turning, or moving in the sky. 
A couple years ago, a German started an open source project. ( and the achievement were stunning. Soon, some Chinese businessmen published similar products. The author believes that some of them are from the brushless gimbal project, because of exactly same bugs.
For close source, there is SimpleBGC (now is called BASE CAM, which sold the copyright to Chinese businessmen. The designer seems from Russia. The author believes he developed the program individually, because it solved some bugs of German open source project.  The brushless gimbal controllers on market are compatible with both firmwares.
There is one more advantage of brushless gimbal: No operation noise. Besides aerial photography, there are many handheld gimbals appeared on market now. However, the torque of brushless motor is very low; so the gimbal is very sensitive to the C.G. of camera. Most brushless gimbals are designed to be compatible with single camera and single lens. For multiple cameras, user would have to adjust the parameters and C.G.: P/I/D/motor output.      
The author will demonstrate TAROT 2-axis gimbal.
For assembly, user needs accessories as below:
F450 landing gear
T type parallel cable
For landing gear, just lock the screws. The gimbal is usually assembled below the UAV, so the author adds height to it.
The weight would be heavier. T type parallel cable is connected to two batteries for the same flight time.
For gimbal test, please refer to the video:
For connections of gimbal controller, please refer to ( For power supply, the author suggests to connect to additional battery. Because wireless AV transmitter will need a steady power supply, and there will cause clutter during operation.
…To be continued.

* Want more articles? Please refer to: DIY UAV for beginners articles review

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